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The expertise of statisticians team covers the fields of Statistics, Econometrics, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. Performing services in researching and prediction methods help to develop an effective marketing strategy. The services we provide have proven positive results in our customers work.

1) Quantitative Studies In Research Market

Market research has become in the last years an essential tool in understanding the consumers population, the needs and factors that influence their decisions, the market resources and its tendencies in general. Researching a large panel of modeling technics, market studies represent the link between marketing specialist and the objectives of its work: the client, the consumer, the public and the target audience of the institutional activity.

2) Consulting Services

The Research Department offers consultancy in Econometrics and prediction modeling, data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning, graphics theory and numeric calculation, natural language processing and applied cryptography. The approached problems are diverse and are using a variety of algorithms and modern technics. Our department projects prove the experience in these domains and the applicability of our research on a variety of online specific topics.