TradeAds Interactive


4 years on the online advertising market and we take pride in:

The launch of 5 products in optimizing online advertising campaigns:

  • Bursa de Reclama

    Bursa de Reclama is the first service that launched TradeAds Interactive as online advertising company. Designed for both Advertiser and Publisher, Bursa de Reclama sets the ad zones price from content sites based on the request and offer through Generalized Second Price auction type.

  • PRAgent

    A service that brings text transactions on the online advertising market, advertorials, press releases or other type of articles requested by content sites. Advertorial campaigns are checked and mediated by PRAgent in order to maintain a healthy relationship between Advertiser and Publisher.

  • Patratica

    Designed as a tool for selling advertising space, simplifies the placement of banners on a content site. The goal is to facilitate e-commerce transactions without website visitors leaving the page.

  • Maximizare

    An adserver aggregator designed for Publishers who seek the best price for their ad zones, supervising the sales on the adservers where they are registered.

  • Adnaliser

    A tool for measuring the campaign impact based on the number of impressions per banner, regarding two parameters: the surface of the banner and the time when a user has seen the ad.

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