TradeAds Interactive


Defining the Internet user’s behavior, interests, socio-demographic and economic characteristics knowing only the generated traffic, is a real challenge and represents the key of success in Advertiser-Publisher relationship.

The irrelevant ad content is an unwanted factor in online ad performance campaign. Internet user is exposed to ads that have a random displayed order or established by financial or principal facts, disregarding the most important aspect: the consumer satisfaction. The direct result of this approach is reflected in the Internet users attitude. More than half of them are becoming uninterested or disturbed by these ad messages. The ad campaign impact open users reflects financially among Advertisers, because of the high costs promotion, but also among Publishers by an inefficient using of ad space.

A solution for this problem is ads intelligence tag, having a conversion result and the transformation of online environment into a pleasant experience. Because of intelligent systems produced in the Research & Development division, the Internet user will receive the advertorial content that relates or that represents an image of his immediate interest.