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PRAgent is an online advertising service for texts (articles, advertorials, press releases), that are published on Romanian content sites. The goal is to help clients maximize the campaign results and to think from the public point of view. Articles delivered by PRAgent emphasizes on concrete and useful information for Internet users.

Why PRAgent?

Advertorials contain more detailed information than the banners.

Targeting is made based on the product characteristics and relevance rank for audience.

Editorial advertising is media display at competitive prices.

Who is this for?

PRAgent is a service adaptable to the market needs. As TradeAds Research Team reveals, the user’s need for information increases, so that, soon enough, the need of information will also be different. PRAgent Team sees in this dynamic behavior an opportunity for Publishers and Advertisers to expand the channels by which they get loyal readers and finally loyal customers.

Through PRAgent, Advertisers can promote their services with editorial content and address to a targeted audience. The main advantage for Advertisers is that despite old ads that disappear at the end of each campaign, an article will remain on the Internet so users who are interested on the subject can read it whenever they want.

How it works?

In the PRAgent account, Advertiser is the one who adds a campaign and the Publisher the one who runs it. Three steps are necessary to introduce a new campaign. After introducing the articles for publishing, the PRAgent team verifies the grammar texts and the article’s tone. Advertiser then selects the zones where he wants the articles to be published based on the user characteristics.

Publishers, after they receive the request from PRAgent, verify once again the campaign and decide if they publish the article. In the publishing day the article is introduced into a data base usually used to complete the site’s content. Each Publisher that uses PRAgent services has a measuring code that can be inserted at the end of the article, not having any effect on page design, because it will not show on site. The link that sends the published article will be introduced in a special field from "Campaign Details".

With PRAgent, the actors involved in the creation and distribution of online advertising will have a new way of product endorsement. Thus the Advertiser's message will be trustworthy by offering complete information about the offered services and Publishers will be connected to new online advertising media less aggressive and similar to the site content.

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