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Patratica is a simple system of measuring and evaluating the zones from content sites or blogs. Designed for both Publishers and Advertisers they have the possibility to manage the efficiency of online advertising campaigns. Easy to recognize on sites, Patratica takes the shape of a widget with different dimensions.

Why Patratica?


Increase your ad revenue without introducing online campaigns.

Offer your readers the possibility to buy products directly from your site.

Approve and refuse clients ad through a simple click.


Use the ad space directly from the chosen sites, knowing how much it costs.

Create the campaign banners on the spot, in standard formats or upload your owns.

Run online advertising campaigns with permanent displays and a per day payment.

How it works? is based on a simple mechanism for all users that are not familiar with concepts like CPM (cost per mille), CPC (cost per click) or OTS (opportunities to see). Although the management steps for several campaigns are not simple for every user.

The Publisher registers his site, blog, or forum in the Patratica system and, after he completes all the necessary information to activate the account, it will generate a JavaScript code that he will introduce as html in the site. Depending on the widget placement, an Advertiser who is also a reader, can be interested on renting that ad space. Next the Publisher approves or denies an ad zone.

The Advertiser is the user who wants his ad to be seen in the ordered zone. To create an ad campaign firstly you have to enter in Patratica’s account. This way the Advertiser can have access to the number of clicks and impressions per campaign. With a few clicks you can set up an online advertising campaign by introducing the ad (image or text), the ad link, time, data contact and payment.

Through, Advertisers know exactly their ad impact among users.

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