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Maximizare helps Publishers increase their online advertising revenues. Our mission regarding is to offer an online platform for Premium Publishers, from where they can control all their selling actions to different adservers.

Why Maximizare?

Control the impressions inventory.

Increase revenue with real time bidding.

Collect data from 3rd party sources.

Schedule the ad rotated process.

Publisher is designed for premium Publishers who want their own system optimization revenue. is definitely a solution for efficiently managing online advertising.

Premium Publisher

Premium Publishers are Publishers with more than 1 million ad impressions per month. The premium Publishers advantage is that they can install on a dedicated server. Our team assures the installation process, the training and the technical support for every client.

How it works?

Publishers who have an account on Bursa de Reclama can insert their zones and sites into Maximizare’s account. If you have an active account on other adservers, gathers all the generated codes and offers you the possibility to manage them using an unique one instead.

For example your site is registered to Bursa de Reclama and Google AdWords. To obtain the best eCPM for one of these adservers, evaluates the requested source and it compares with adservers that are able to pay the best price for an ad space.

The zones from will be correlated so that you receive a new code from the adservers where you logged in. With this last generated code and due to our optimization technology efforts, succeeds to deliver the best price for the ad space. Furthermore the Publisher can see a report with the number of his ad impressions.

In this way it results an automated process of banner uploads without losing time updating the online advertising campaigns.

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