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Bursa de Reclama is an online platform where Publishers (site owners) and Advertisers (advertising agencies and companies that want to transact online advertising) meet. Acting like an advertising exchange, Bursa de Reclama establishes what is the best price for online ads based on request and offer report. This type of auction system is called Generalized Second Price.

Why Bursa de Reclama?


You have access to the best media agencies and multinational companies.

The advanced algorithms assures you the maximization of online advertising revenues taking into account the market conditions.

Benefit from real time statistics regarding the number of displayed ads, clicks and obtained revenues.

Don’t waste time with negotiations, introducing and measuring campaigns, completing bills and contracts.


Through Bursa de Reclama you can create online advertising campaigns on the biggest romanian sites.

You have access to statistics in real time regarding the campaigns performance and to complex audience targeting.

The algorithms used by Bursa de Reclama garantees the best price for each displayed ad.

You establish your own advertising budget and the highest price per click or per mille that you are willing to pay.

How it works?

We use advanced algorithms for each ad space transaction. For every displayed ad, we take into consideration criteria like the specific and the quality of online ad spaces. In this way we ensure that the request and offer are established in best conditions. The result: Bursa de Reclama and its transaction system ensures the revenue maximization for Publishers and, in the same time, the optimization of online advertising costs for Advertisers.

The prices for online advertising are established through electronic auctions, after the GSP (Generalised Second Price) principles. This means that the system will diplay the ads from Advertisers who have the biggest offer at fair prices, meaning the next classified bidders. The system encourages a fair-play behavior from Advertisers who will give the best price, but effectively they will pay less, depending on the competitors offers.

Bursa de Reclama accepts both CPM and CPC campaigns. Those two competes to ensure Advertisers the best ad display with the best offers and increased revenues for Publishers. To get the best results we use advanced targeting criteria.

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Bursa de Reclama accepts the most popular banner formats that respect the online advertising standard of IAB. See here the accepted banners.

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