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Adnaliser is designed for Publishers and Advertisers who want to measure the efficiency of online ads by the exact number of delivered impressions. With a new tool of measuring the impressions, named vCPM, Adnaliser’s objective is to evaluate the conditions in which an ad is visible for users.

Why Adnaliser?


Have access to statistics that helps you sell the ad zones.

Establish the zone selling offers based on suitable reports.

Gain the Advertiser’s trust with a profitable ad placement.


Know the frequency of online advertising campaign.

Measure the ad’s visibility and its impact upon users.

Collect data regarding the number of impressions for visible ads.

How it works?

Adnaliser evaluates the ad’s visibility rank on the site pages or sections. Adnaliser’s methodology is based on a JavaScript code that follows the ads on the site. Through this code several impressions are delivered through Adnaliser that continues measuring the campaign’s performance. At the end of delivery, it generates a report saying if the user has seen the ad and for how long. Our clients could therefore consult a report with the information regarding the campaign impact.

The information for each zone names the ad placement and the time when the user has seen the ad. The ad placement is determined based on time and ad visible surface for site users.

Focus on Advertiser and Publisher’s needs, we believe that Adnaliser will take an important part on establishing an efficient media buying and a balance between offer and demand.

Start using Adnaliser for the optimization of online campaigns and pay only for visible impressions.

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