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About Us

TradeAds Interactive appeared due to the experience of Tradeville (formerly Vanguard) the largest broker on the exchange market. Then we imagined how we could release such product on the online advertising market. In May 2009 after several months of hard work, the first TradeAds product, Bursa de Reclama, would be in production.

Why Bursa de Reclama?

In the online advertising market of 2009, when adservers would sell banners on CPM (cost per mille) and CPC (cost per click) with fixed pricing, TradeAds Interactive has introduced a new improved concept of adserver. Based on the new Microsoft technology, Bursa de Reclama has launched the real time system on implementing online campaigns.


Bursa de Reclama is the first product which TradeAds has launched on the online advertising market. From 2010 we continued to evolve and to offer our customers online optimizing services.

TradeAds’ mission is to contribute to the development of advertising market in Romania, by providing the necessary technology to optimize online campaigns. We wish that Internet becomes an accessible market to anyone who wants to communicate using advertising means. We also believe in the relationship between Advertiser and Publisher as being transparent and governed exclusively by request and demand principles.

Meet Our Research and Development Team

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